Travel With Michelle Wright on African Music Safari

  In July of 2017, Michelle Wright will travel to Southern Africa for two weeks packed with amazing sights and great music – and you can join her for a once in a lifetime Southern African Music Safari On July 6, 2017, Day 1 of the trip begins in Cape Town where you will check… Keep Reading


2017 Pirelli Calendar Celebrity Models Revealed

Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Uma Thurman and Penelope Cruz are among the actresses being portrayed naturally, with very little enhancement, in the Pirelli 2017 calendar. The images were taken by German photographer Pete Lindbergh – often cited as the creator of the “super model”. The actresses were photographed in black and white, with little makeup,… Keep Reading


Police Find “Unusual” Creatures on their Night Cameras

The Police Department in Gardner, Kansas investigating reports of a possible mountain lion threat at a nearby park were a little surprised at what they found. To determine whether there was in fact a threat from a wild animal, the authorities installed a few motion-activated wildlife camera traps to monitor activity in the area. Although… Keep Reading


20 Year Old Chess Prodigy Dies in Parkour Accident

A Russian chess grandmaster has died after falling from an apartment building in Moscow. The chess prodigy Yuri Eliseev (pictured), 20, slipped as he was grabbing a neighbor’s balcony while apparently practicing parkour- a discipline of extreme sports in which people jump and move around obstacles in urbans- environments. According to witness accounts, Eliseev was… Keep Reading


“Black Hollywood: The Lost Photos” Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali & Other Ebony Icons

Photojournalist to the stars since 1963, Delroi Whitaker Sr. (above) with co-authors Darrell Whitaker and television executive Aswaad English, are releasing the inspiring new book of unpublished photos of African-American Hollywood legends, their achievements and their personal moments spent in Los Angeles, California from 1967 to 1990. “In a stunning collection of snapshots, “Black Hollywood:… Keep Reading


Angry Lennon Letter to McCartney Fetches $30,000

A letter has been auctioned off that revived the friction between John Lennon and Paul McCartney which resulted in the break up of the “Fab Four” in 1971. While there was very little public comment by the Beatles at that time, the letter from John Lennon to Paul McCartney and his wife Linda reveals a… Keep Reading


Giant Sinkhole in Japan is Sinking Again

The giant hole that was repaired in record time in Japan earlier this month is again showing signs of activity. Traffic stopped at the busy intersection in the Japanese city of Fukuoka the weekend, after the road started sinking about seven centimeters. Earlier this month, a hole 30 meters wide and 15 meters deep opened… Keep Reading


Twitter Mistakenly Suspends Account of its CEO, Jack Dorsey

Twitter had an embarrassing moment on Tuesday, after it briefly suspend the account of his own CEO, Jack Dorsey. For a moment on Tuesday, attempts to view Dorsey’s profile revealed an error message saying the account had been suspended. That sparked speculation about whether the account may have been hacked or automatically closed due to… Keep Reading

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