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Shark Tank Show Leads to Kickstarter for USA Made Socks

One of the wildest contestants ever on ABC’s Shark Tank, Zach Crain, founder of Freaker USA is returning to Kickstarter, where his 2011 video was hailed as “the holy grail of Kickstarter videos” by the crowdfunding site itself. Beginning New Year’s Day, Freaker USA aims to raise $250,000 in 40 days to begin production on Freaker… Keep Reading


Elio Motors Sells Surplus Equipment to Fund 3-Wheel Cars

Elio Motors, Inc., announced this past week that it will work with its manufacturing partner, Comau, to sell surplus manufacturing equipment from the former GM manufacturing facility in Shreveport, Louisiana, where the company will begin production of its enclosed, three-wheeled vehicle in 2015. The strategy allows Elio Motors to reuse the machinery it needs to… Keep Reading


Ebola Outbreak’s “Patient Zero” Located

The worst outbreak of Ebola, which activated an international public health emergency and has killed 961 people, may have started with a 2-year-old patient in a hamlet in the African country of Guinea. About eight months ago, the toddler, whom researchers consider may have been Patient Zero, experienced vomiting, black stool and temperature. Only four days… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

$8 Million Grant Announced for Mesothelioma Light-Based Therapy

The National Cancer Institute is awarding scientists at the University of Pennsylvania $8 million dollars towards a clinical trial on light-based therapy for mesothelioma surgical patients. University of Pennsylvania researchers report that they will use this grant to enroll 102 pleural mesothelioma study participants over the next four years. Those patients will be given a photosensitizing… Keep Reading


Terminal Melanoma Patient Seeks Ban on UK Sunbeds

Mark Carter, who has terminal melanoma, is working with other melanoma patients, doctors and patient advocates towards a goal of forcing a ban on sunbeds in the United Kingdom. Under Carter’s guidance, a film entitled “Dying for a Tan” has been created to garner support for a complete ban on sun tanning beds. Since he… Keep Reading


Samsung Takes On iPads with AMOLED Galaxy Tab S

On Thursday, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung electronics has started taking U.S. preorders for a new line of high-end tablets with a digital fingerprint reader – a direct attack against its U.S. rival’s iPad tablet. Galaxy Tab S, which was announced on Thursday night in New York, will arrive in stores in July. It shares… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Scan Can Differentiate Alzheimer’s from Other Dementia

Canadian neurologists in Quebec recently completed a research project to better diagnose types of dementia other than Alzheimer’s disease by utilizing brain scans. This method allows for faster diagnosis of patients fitting that criteria and who make up about 20% of all dementia cases. Currently it can take up to five years before a correct… Keep Reading


U.S. Power Plants Set to Emit 30% Less CO2

Barack Obama has gone on the offensive as climate change talks stall in Congress. This week, the President established new standards for power plant emissions, particularly for coal – a fossil fuel that is reponsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions. The Protection Agency (EPA) announced Monday its proposals for a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions for… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Google to Make Its Own Driverless Car

Google has started building its own driverless cars that simply feature a start button – no steering wheel and no pedals. Chris Urmson, the project manager at Google, said that the car does not need those items because the car’s software and sensors do all the work of driving. The small two-seat electric car, with… Keep Reading


Invisivision Eyewear Crowdfunding to Disrupt Entertainment Industry

Patent-pending eyewear technology, Invisivision, is disrupting the film, gaming, and advertising industries with the ability to see multiple video streams on the same screen. Crowdfunding with a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a short film starring Aaron Ashmore and J.P. Manoux, Invisivision has raised the interest of major Hollywood studios and producers with their… Keep Reading

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