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American Lung Association: “‘Tell a Friend about Tumor Testing”

American Lung Association is sharing information about precision medicine by launching the “Tell a Friend about Tumor Testing” initiative. The project is part of the agency’s continued dedication to providing the best information and support to lung cancer patients. Precision medicine is a fast developing field that brings renewed hope to people with cancer, including… Keep Reading


Rapael Smart Glove Brings Gaming to Physiotherapy

The Rapael smart glove, created by the South Korean company Neofect, uses a range of sensors to aid in the rehabilitation of wrist and hand injury patients. Featured at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the Rapael has nine-axis motion sensors, malleable sensors and 32-bit micromandals. It looks like a gaming power glove and it playing… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Amazon Continues Fight Against Fake Review Services

This past Friday, Amazon filed lawsuits against five websites for allegedly selling false book and product reviews and ratings on Amazon’s platform – the newest step in its year long campaign to crack down on these services. Amazon has filed three separate lawsuits since April 2016 that targeted over 1,000 alleged false employees. A number… Keep Reading


Giant Sinkhole in Japan is Sinking Again

The giant hole that was repaired in record time in Japan earlier this month is again showing signs of activity. Traffic stopped at the busy intersection in the Japanese city of Fukuoka the weekend, after the road started sinking about seven centimeters. Earlier this month, a hole 30 meters wide and 15 meters deep opened… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Secret Location Pioneers Virtual Reality Content Distribution

VUSR Enables Publishers to Future Proof VR Content; First Application is NYT VR App for Daydream Toronto, Canada — Continuing its commitment to advancing virtual reality (VR) content production and distribution, Secret Location, a pioneering VR and technology studio, today unveiled VUSR, a content management platform that enables creators to easily publish, distribute and monetize… Keep Reading


Shark Tank Show Leads to Kickstarter for USA Made Socks

One of the wildest contestants ever on ABC’s Shark Tank, Zach Crain, founder of Freaker USA is returning to Kickstarter, where his 2011 video was hailed as “the holy grail of Kickstarter videos” by the crowdfunding site itself. Beginning New Year’s Day, Freaker USA aims to raise $250,000 in 40 days to begin production on Freaker… Keep Reading

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