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Science & Tech

NASA to Send Humanoid Robot to the Moon

According to an announcement by NASA officials this week, a humanoid robot will land on the moon within the next three years. Robonaut 2 (R2) is promoted as being a considerably less expensive space farer than a human astronaut who would cost an estimated $150 billion to make a similar mission. As a price comparison,… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Scientists Developing Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Scientists in the U.K. have announced the development of a new flexible film able to manipulate light rays in a manner that renders solid objects invisible. The material is composed of small structures named “metamaterial” and this research is considered a significant step in the eventual creation of invisibility suits or cloaks, similar to the… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Vacuuming with UV Light Almost Doubles Reduction of Carpet Microbes

A new study indicates that adding ultraviolet light to the agitation and suction of a vacuum cleaner can almost double the reduction of potentially dangerous microorganisms in a carpet compared to vacuuming without UV. According to researchers, their conclusions indicate that utilizing the germicidal properties of UV light into vacuuming may also be able to… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Astronomers Discover Oldest Galaxy

The oldest existing galaxy that’s visible from Earth has now been discovered. Astronomers were able to identify the galaxy as having formed 600 million years after the Big Bang. Journal Nature published in a scientific report Wednesday that astronomers first discovered what they thought was a minute smudge on an image. It was then determined… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Obama to Appear on Mythbusters, Promote Science to Youth

U.S. President Barack Obama publicly announced his future appearance on Discovery Channel’s science television program “Mythbusters”. The announcement came as a part of his office’s bid to advocate the fields of science and technology, mathematics and engineering, amidst fears of a dwindling economy due to inadequacy of formal education in these subjects.  The president’s television… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Dinosaur May Have Flown 10,000 Miles Non-Stop

An ancient reptile the height of a modern giraffe may have had the flight capability to soar up to 10,000 miles non-stop. Biochemist Michael Habib of Chatham University in Pittsburgh named this discovery the Supergiant Pterosaurs in an October 10 presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology. These “gruesomely huge” fliers… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Innovation Gives Solar-Powered Light to India Heritage Site

Near the Elephanta Caves in India off the Mumbai coast sits Rajbander village, which will for the first time ever enjoy electrical power when the sun sets. The energy source is courtesy of Australian solar-power company Solar-Gem Pty Ltd. Instead of using primitive or expensive lighting forms, solar technology will provide affordable power and reduce… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Google Goes Green with Planned Wind Farms

Green energy or renewable energy can come from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, and they are renewable or naturally replenished.  Google announced it will continue its ventures in green technology with an investment in a new wind farm power grid located off the East Coast of the United States.… Keep Reading

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