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Science & Tech

Urine Tests Reveal Genetic Differences in Sense of Smell

PHILADELPHIA, U.S.A. – Scientists at the Monell Center have recently published results from a study that made use of individual differences to explain a genetic contribution to our sense of smell. According to the report, not all people are able to detect a distinct, sulfurous odor in their urine after eating asparagus and it was… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Wing-Flapping Plane Launches New Milestone in Human Aviation

TORONTO – The first ever human-powered aircraft flight has been credited to a Canadian university student. Engineering graduate, Todd Reichert, managed to fly the aircraft under his own power for almost 20 seconds at the Great Lakes Gliding Club in Tottenham, Ont. The PhD candidate at the University of Toronto flew the 42 kg plane… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

FDA Discuss Approval of Genetically Modified Salmon

Food and Drug Administration officials will meet to discuss if a new genetically modified salmon will make its way into the U.S. food system. AquaBounty Technologies’ new genetically modified “AquAdvantage Salmon” does not suffer from stunted growth during cold weathers and is able to grow to twice the size of a normal salmon in half… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Ex-Military: UFOs have Visited Nuke Weapon Sites

WASHINGTON – Ex-military personnel have urged the United States government to come clean and reveal facts about UFOs and other similar incidents. Witness testimonies made publis suggest that these unidentified objects have even gone to the extent of tampering with nuclear and weapons tests. More than 120 former or retired military personnel will stand as… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Action-Game Players Make Good Decisions Quicker

Research conducted by the University of Rochester in New York has shown that action-gamer players have strengthened abilities to translate sensory information into accurate decisions. Although some players in the study may have started off with superior probabilistic inference skills, an additional experiment indicated and subsequently proven that playing action games amplifies an ability to… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Talk-Powered Cell Phones on the Horizon

Revolutionary research by Korean scientists might give the world its next source of conveniently obtainable energy source – chatty teenagers. Recent years have seen a staggering advancement of scientific methods that enable electricity to be generated out of piezoelectric devices. Experimental prototypes that generate power as we walk or run are already being tested. However,… Keep Reading

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