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Resident Evil 4 Now the Top-Grossing Canadian Movie

Resident Evil: Afterlife, the most recent episode in the Resident Evil film franchise has now topped $280 million at the box office world-wide. That makes it the profitable movie in Canadian film history. The movie stars Ukrainian born Mila Jovovich and was the first in the series to be filmed stereoscopic 3-D. It utilized the… Keep Reading


Old Man Disguise Like Asian Refugee for $1259

According to an Air Canada document, a flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver on October 29 featured an illegally entry into the country so elaborate that authorities have deemed it “unbelievable”. A Canada Border Services Agency intelligence alert, obtained by U.S. television news network CNN – reported a case where an Asian male in his… Keep Reading


Microsoft Predicts 5 Million Sales of Controller-Free Kinect System

X-Box 360 peripheral system will be sold in Canada for the holiday season, but won’t understand Canadian English accents. Microsoft reports it is predicting potential sales of 5 million of its new controller-less Kinect gaming systems over the upcoming holiday season, which would add $750 million to the company’s fourth quarter earnings. Unfortunately, although voice… Keep Reading


Dead Sea Scrolls Uploaded to Internet

High-resolution images of Dead Sea Scrolls dating back two millenniums are now available for viewing online.Students and others who have interest in Biblical history will now be able to take a peek into the past, thanks to the generosity of the Isreal Antiquities Authority (IAA) which holds custody over the sea scrolls. These scrolls are… Keep Reading


Need 911 After a Car Crash? There’s an App for That

A recent smart phone innovation called My911 services may have On-Star looking over its shoulder. When installed on a smartphone, this new mobile app has the ability to recognize dangerously high G-forces in the case of a car crash and automatically calls a My911 operator, unless manually cancelled. In addition, up to 5 other numbers… Keep Reading


Michael Richards LIKES Black People!

During the late hours of November 17, Michael Richards – who played the character of Kramer on TV’s “Seinfeld” – was on stage at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood.  At one point in his act, he was heckled by Black audience members which resulted in Richards verbally lashing out with a tirade that included… Keep Reading


Can Borat be Sued by the “I Kiss You!” Guy?

In the November 2006 edition of WIRED Magazine [1], Mahir Cagri – who made an online international splash with his “I Kiss You” website in the 1990’s – was interviewed for an article entitled “Mahir to Borat: I Sue You!”. In that interview, Mahir stated he plans on suing Sacha Baron Cohen for essentially stealing… Keep Reading

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