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Rapael Smart Glove Brings Gaming to Physiotherapy

The Rapael smart glove, created by the South Korean company Neofect, uses a range of sensors to aid in the rehabilitation of wrist and hand injury patients. Featured at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the Rapael has nine-axis motion sensors, malleable sensors and 32-bit micromandals. It looks like a gaming power glove and it playing… Keep Reading


Stylish Rain Pants that Keep Commuters Dry, Now on Kickstarter

Aalborg, Denmark– Legs Jacket, the revolutionary stylish and eco-friendly bicycle commuter rain pants by VEAR, launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on November 1st. Legs Jacket rain pants are designed with the urban biker’s needs in mind. The stylish rain pants are loaded with features that will keep cyclists comfortable, dry and safe on their… Keep Reading


Samsung Takes On iPads with AMOLED Galaxy Tab S

On Thursday, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung electronics has started taking U.S. preorders for a new line of high-end tablets with a digital fingerprint reader – a direct attack against its U.S. rival’s iPad tablet. Galaxy Tab S, which was announced on Thursday night in New York, will arrive in stores in July. It shares… Keep Reading


Apple Marks Deal with NTT Docomo to Sell iPads in Japan

U.S. computer and electronics manufacturer Apple has reached an agreement that will allow it to sell its iPad tablet to customers of the first Japanese mobile operator, NTT Docomo, according to reports from both companies. The iPad Air, the latest version of the tablet, and the smaller iPad mini will be available in the network… Keep Reading


Google Introducing a Tablet with 3D Vision

Internet giant Google is developing a new tablet with 3D capabilities, says the Wall Street Journal , citing sources familiar with the matter. The tablet is small, with a screen 7-inch (17.8 centimeters), and equipped with two rear cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced software capable of capturing images of specific objects in three dimensions.… Keep Reading


Google Celebrates Rubik’s Cube 40th Anniversary

Since its inception in 1974, the Hungarian Ern? Rubik game has continued to attract generations of people across the world. And to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Google created an interactive copy of the cube to play on its home page. For some, it is entertainment, for others a real uphill battle. Hungarian Ern? Rubik, a… Keep Reading


Texting While Driving Now Top Canadian Driver Safety Concern

A Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) survey in Canada found that texting while driving is now the top traffic safety concern of Canadians, surpassing even impaired driving. For more than ten years, Canadians considered impaired driving as the number problem, but now it seems they found something worse to worry about – people who text on… Keep Reading


Veterans Affairs Canada Releases Remembrance Day iPhone App

Capitalizing on last year’s entry into social media, Veterans Affairs Canada has released a Remembrance Day iPhone application called “We Remember”. The department launched a Facebook page last fall called Canada Remembers, and a YouTube channel showing videos with a remembrance theme, after receiving $2.5 million in funding from the Privy Council Office. Now their… Keep Reading


Microsoft Predicts 5 Million Sales of Controller-Free Kinect System

X-Box 360 peripheral system will be sold in Canada for the holiday season, but won’t understand Canadian English accents. Microsoft reports it is predicting potential sales of 5 million of its new controller-less Kinect gaming systems over the upcoming holiday season, which would add $750 million to the company’s fourth quarter earnings. Unfortunately, although voice… Keep Reading

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