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Woman’s Gallbladder Removed Through Birth Canal

A woman recently had her gallbladder removed through her birth canal, making this revolutionary form of surgery one of the first ever performed in the U.S. The 42 year old woman was part of a clinical trial by surgeons at the Ohio State University to compare laparoscopic and transvaginal surgery. The groundbreaking surgery required no… Keep Reading


Aquamation May Be Greener Alternative to Cremation

A cleaner and greener alternative to disposing of bodies has recently been made possible by a new innovation. Australian company, Aquamation Industries, is the first in the world to introduce a revolutionary new method of disposing of bodies through aquamation. Using a process termed alkaline hydrolysis, the body is placed inside a stainless steel vat… Keep Reading


FDA: Mouthwash Makers To Cease Unproven Health Claims

The FDA has issued a warning to three major mouthwash makers to stop making unproven health claims. Johnson & Johnson, CVS Corporation, and Walgreen Company have all been warned by the FDA because their products claim to promote healthy gums and remove plague above the gum. The FDA has come out to say that their… Keep Reading


Placebos Can Increase Women’s Sex Drive

The Journal of Sexual Medicine has released results from a study of women’s sex drives. That report revealed that women facing sexual dysfunction can increase their sex drive considerably when administered a placebo. According to Cindy Meston, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Texas, the placebo effect is sufficient for the purposes… Keep Reading

PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer's disease

ADI: Alzheimer’s Causing Global Financial Burden

According to the latest report by the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), more than $600m is spent every year worldwide to care for people with dementia. The ADI releases their annual report every September 21st on World Alzheimer’s Day. The 2010 report estimated that about 35.6m people suffered from some form of dementia and the number… Keep Reading


Carrot Vending Machines Installed in U.S. Schools

Two high schools in the U.S. are taking healthy eating to a whole new level. According to a release, the schools in Cincinnati, OH and Syracuse, NY are testing a new program that aims to repackage healthy food as junk food. The marketing and selling approach of the carrots and other healthy food items will… Keep Reading


Stevie Wonder Urges UN to Loosen Copyright Laws

Pop legend Stevie Wonder recently told diplomats from over 200 nations to stop fighting over copyright issues and support actions that can help blind people around the world. Wonder stated there is a lack of support and learning materials for the visually impaired all around the world due to various countries having laws that prevent… Keep Reading


Avandia Problems Reported Before FDA Could Act

A well known diabetes drug has several problems that can lead to a patient’s death and the FDA has convened a hearing about the safety the medication. However, reports on the risks of taking Avandia have been released by a doctor who has been conducting a study on its effects before the FDA can act.… Keep Reading


Football’s Chris Henry Death Linked to Brain Damage

Last December Chris Henry was involved in an altercation that ended with his death. During this dispute he jumped from the back of a moving pickup truck that was being driven by his girlfriend. However, doctors now believe that brain damage may have actually been the cause of the star football player’s demise. It was… Keep Reading


Iranian Blood Test Could Predict Menopause Decades Early

A new study shows evidence that scientists could determine when menopause will start for women, decades in advance of the event. Iranian scientists are presenting their findings to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference this week in Rome.  While the study is continuing, the researchers are finding their predictions thus far have… Keep Reading

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