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Science & Tech

Judge Rules Google Must Give FBI Email Archived Abroad

A U.S. judge ruled Friday that Google has to comply with an FBI search warrant seeking emails from customers stored on a foreign server, according to Reuters. This runs counter to last year’s ruling in which a federal appeals court said that Microsoft did not have to deliver the data stored on its servers in… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Remains of Lost Continent Found Under Indian Ocean Island

Deep down in the Indian Ocean, a research team led by the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa says they have found parts of an ancient continent. The lava-covered remains of the continent, dubbed “Mauritia”, were found beneath Mauritius. According to the report published this week in Nature Communications, the remnants of crust are a… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Amazon Continues Fight Against Fake Review Services

This past Friday, Amazon filed lawsuits against five websites for allegedly selling false book and product reviews and ratings on Amazon’s platform – the newest step in its year long campaign to crack down on these services. Amazon has filed three separate lawsuits since April 2016 that targeted over 1,000 alleged false employees. A number… Keep Reading

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