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Research: Gene Therapy to Treat Depression

According to recent findings in Science Translational Medicine, gene therapy may be able to cure depression by targeting a region in the brain that suffers from lack of a critical protein. Weill Cornell Medical College researcher Michael Kaplitt discovered that scarcity of p11 in the nucleus accumbens region of the brain causes depression. This region… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Obama to Appear on Mythbusters, Promote Science to Youth

U.S. President Barack Obama publicly announced his future appearance on Discovery Channel’s science television program “Mythbusters”. The announcement came as a part of his office’s bid to advocate the fields of science and technology, mathematics and engineering, amidst fears of a dwindling economy due to inadequacy of formal education in these subjects.  The president’s television… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Dinosaur May Have Flown 10,000 Miles Non-Stop

An ancient reptile the height of a modern giraffe may have had the flight capability to soar up to 10,000 miles non-stop. Biochemist Michael Habib of Chatham University in Pittsburgh named this discovery the Supergiant Pterosaurs in an October 10 presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology. These “gruesomely huge” fliers… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Children with Autism Less Able to Sustain Previous Lies

Queens University in Kingston, Ontario Canada recently conducted a comprehensive study to examine the ability and willingness for children with autism to lie. Conducted by Queen’s Psychology Professor Beth Kelley, along with Developmental Psychology PhD student Annie Li – with assistance from Dr. Kang Lee, who has dedicated much of his research to the behavioral… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

FDA Approves New Weapon in War Against Opiate Addiction

The Food and Drug Administration added another treatment for patients suffering from an addiction to opiates –  drugs that include heroin and powerful prescription painkillers – with its approval of a time-release, injectable version of Naltrexone: Vivitrol. This new drug functions by blocking brain receptors from responding to opiates which results in substantially lower cravings.… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Innovation Gives Solar-Powered Light to India Heritage Site

Near the Elephanta Caves in India off the Mumbai coast sits Rajbander village, which will for the first time ever enjoy electrical power when the sun sets. The energy source is courtesy of Australian solar-power company Solar-Gem Pty Ltd. Instead of using primitive or expensive lighting forms, solar technology will provide affordable power and reduce… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Google Goes Green with Planned Wind Farms

Green energy or renewable energy can come from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geothermal heat, and they are renewable or naturally replenished.  Google announced it will continue its ventures in green technology with an investment in a new wind farm power grid located off the East Coast of the United States.… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Three Share 2010 Chemistry Nobel Prize

STOCKHOLM – The 2010 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was announced on Wednesday to be jointly shared by three people. Two Japanese and one U.S. scientist were awarded the accolade for their part in creating a new tool that makes it easier to build complex chemicals. According to the prestigious Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Woman’s Gallbladder Removed Through Birth Canal

A woman recently had her gallbladder removed through her birth canal, making this revolutionary form of surgery one of the first ever performed in the U.S. The 42 year old woman was part of a clinical trial by surgeons at the Ohio State University to compare laparoscopic and transvaginal surgery. The groundbreaking surgery required no… Keep Reading

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