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Neurosurgeon Broadcasts Surgeries Live Over the Web

Aaron Cohen-Gadol, MD, a neurosurgeon with Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, is using the latest internet technologies to webcast his surgeries live online to train other doctors remotely. In a recent conference of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons in San Francisco, 200 of the country’s best neurosurgeons logged in to view the live surgery taking… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Study Reveals Alcohol More Damaging than Heroin

In a study published in the medical journal The Lancet today, Alcohol is reported to be the most damaging drug to the imbiber and to others overall, with heroin and crack coming in second and third most harmful. The report, authored by Professor David Nutt and his associate collaborators, states that when all factors related… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Astronomers Discover Oldest Galaxy

The oldest existing galaxy that’s visible from Earth has now been discovered. Astronomers were able to identify the galaxy as having formed 600 million years after the Big Bang. Journal Nature published in a scientific report Wednesday that astronomers first discovered what they thought was a minute smudge on an image. It was then determined… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Research: Gene Therapy to Treat Depression

According to recent findings in Science Translational Medicine, gene therapy may be able to cure depression by targeting a region in the brain that suffers from lack of a critical protein. Weill Cornell Medical College researcher Michael Kaplitt discovered that scarcity of p11 in the nucleus accumbens region of the brain causes depression. This region… Keep Reading

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Obama to Appear on Mythbusters, Promote Science to Youth

U.S. President Barack Obama publicly announced his future appearance on Discovery Channel’s science television program “Mythbusters”. The announcement came as a part of his office’s bid to advocate the fields of science and technology, mathematics and engineering, amidst fears of a dwindling economy due to inadequacy of formal education in these subjects.  The president’s television… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Dinosaur May Have Flown 10,000 Miles Non-Stop

An ancient reptile the height of a modern giraffe may have had the flight capability to soar up to 10,000 miles non-stop. Biochemist Michael Habib of Chatham University in Pittsburgh named this discovery the Supergiant Pterosaurs in an October 10 presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology. These “gruesomely huge” fliers… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Children with Autism Less Able to Sustain Previous Lies

Queens University in Kingston, Ontario Canada recently conducted a comprehensive study to examine the ability and willingness for children with autism to lie. Conducted by Queen’s Psychology Professor Beth Kelley, along with Developmental Psychology PhD student Annie Li – with assistance from Dr. Kang Lee, who has dedicated much of his research to the behavioral… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

FDA Approves New Weapon in War Against Opiate Addiction

The Food and Drug Administration added another treatment for patients suffering from an addiction to opiates –  drugs that include heroin and powerful prescription painkillers – with its approval of a time-release, injectable version of Naltrexone: Vivitrol. This new drug functions by blocking brain receptors from responding to opiates which results in substantially lower cravings.… Keep Reading

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