Amazon Signs Agreement to Stream “Fireman Sam” Series

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fireman samOnline retailer Amazon announced Monday the establishment of a distribution agreement with HIT Entertainment, a subsidiary of the innovative toy manufacturer Mattel.

Amazon has acquired the exclusive US rights to the animated Kids show “Fireman Sam,” for which it plans on introducing on Tuesday as the hub of its website shows.

This will allow audiences to watch streaming episodes of the television series, while also being able to buy products based on the show, including books, toys, clothes or other items bearing the image of the character. The first of these items is expected to be announced later this year.

“Fireman Sam” is a British cartoon for toddlers that follows the adventures of a brave firefighter, first broadcast in 1987. The series was exported to over 100 countries.

Amazon has invested heavily in its video-streaming over the past few years. Some analysts see it as a strategy to create a digital ecosystem and use it as a loss leader to build on the ales of related merchandise.