Ben Affleck Drops One of His Roles for “The Batman”

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Although Ben Affleck remains committed to continuing his role as batman, he will not be directing the next film in the series.

Affleck stated that it had become clear to him that he couldn’t do both roles to the level the studio requires, explaining that portraying Batman requires the focus, passion and the best performance he can give.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actor said he decided to find a managing partner who will collaborate with him, adding that he remains committed to the project and looks forward to bring the film to fans around the world.

The movie, rumored to be called The Batman , will be a film featuring just the caped crusader who will face off against the villain Deathstroke, played by Joe Manganiello.

Warner Bros. confirmed they are supportive of Affleck’s decision and to the movie overall.

A start date for shooting has not been announced nor has a date for its theater premiere. Affleck participated last year in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and also made an appearance in Suicide Squad .

Affleck’s Batman will also have a role in the Justice League film that DC Comics will premiere November 16, 2017.