Can an Israeli Comedian Sue Borat?

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According to the Israeli entertainment news show “Good Evening With Guy Pines”, comedian Dovale Glickman plans to sue Sacha Baron Cohen for copyright infringement.  Glickman claims he coined the phrase “Wa wa wee wa”, which is one of  Borat’s signature exclamations.

Glickman reportedly used the phrase as far back as 16 years ago for a character on the hit Israeli comedy show “Zehu Zeh”. He also popularized the expression in a series of commercials for the Israeli Dapey Zahav (that Country’s version of the “yellow pages”).

That catch phrase became popular and is still commonly heard on the streets of Israel.

The Associated Press asked Glickman to confirm he plans to press forward with a lawsuit, but he would not commit either way.

The Electronic News Network is on the look out for digital evidence to present here that proves the claim (not that it’s in dispute, since this catch phrase has been attributed to Glickman previous to this latest news).

However one video has been located that reports to show actors Dovale Glikman and Keren Mor in a circa 1990 ‘Dapey Zahav’ commercial.  Unfortunately Glickman doesn’t actually say “Wa wa wee wa” in this particular video, but is believed to be from the same series of commercials where he used that catch phrase.