The Danny Trejo Story “Champion” Released on iTunes & Google Play

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Danny Trejo Champion

Rock On! Films has announced the iTunes and Google Play release of acclaimed documentary film, “Champion” – the story of cult movie favorite, Danny Trejo.

“A lifetime in the making – Champion is the original documentary which traces the incredibly inspirational and unique life of Hollywood’s most unlikely champion, Danny Trejo.” said filmmaker Joe Eckardt in a release. “Champion offers a one-of-a-kind intimate view into the true life of Danny Trejo – directly told by Danny himself.”

Available exclusively on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, the film features stories from some of Danny’s closest Hollywood friends, including the late Dennis Hopper, Steve Buscemi, Val Kilmer, acclaimed director Robert Rodriguez and many others.

While Trejo has now garnered a legion of ravid fans, the documentary reveals a troubled childhood riddled with addiction, armed robbery and lengthy prison time.

“What I like about Champion is that it gives you hope,” said Trejo, who produced the film along with Eckardt. “I’m really proud of [“Champion”]. Not for me, but because I think it can reach a lot of people. I think these guys caught what Danny’s all about. I think it’s some of the best stuff I’ve ever done.”

“I know that the world has been waiting for this film for many years, and it’s finally here for you to learn what Danny Trejo went through to become who he is today,” explained Eckardt. “We know that there is an audience out there for this film and by capitalizing on the growing variety of film release opportunities, it allows our film to find its voice, and for the audience to discover independent films such as ours.”

Watch “Champion” now on iTunes, at Google Play, and Amazon