Trailer: First Virtual Reality Book Announced

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Virtual Reality book trailer screencap

Virtual reality is one of the most discussed and anticipated technologies in decades and now – thanks to Russia’s LitWorld – books are about to enter the VR world.

The first VR-book is based on ‘Fayroll — More Than a Game‘, an epic series by author Andrey Vasiliev, who is collaborating with LitWorld to ensure the project remain authentic to the novels.

Vasiliev’s series was chosen because of its popularity and the LitRPG – literature related to the role playing game genre.

Fayroll is the best selling LitRPG series in Russia, the motherland of the entire LitRPG genre. The genre has now spread its popularity across the globe, particularly in the United States.

‘Every writer wants his work to be visualized. I was lucky two times. My book will be visualized with top modern technology,” said Fayroll author, Andrey Vasiliev. “LitWorld is doing what previously seemed to be impossible. Everyone will be able to be in the main character’s shoes and live his life. It is not just great, it is… I have no words. The future is already here!”

LitWorld has released a comic motion book trailer (below) for the Fayroll series on its YouTube, revealing the main concept with a motion comic book technique.

It is scheduled to be released in March 2018.

LitWorld, an innovative digital publishing house, finds its destiny in translating and presenting to the world some true gems of a modern Russian literature. The last addition to LitWorld’s collection was the book ‘The Dragon Inside’ by Alex Sapegin, a highly-rated bestseller on Amazon.

To find some new information and to stay updated with the most recent news, please check LitWorld’s website.