German Festival to Install a “Beer Pipeline”

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Drinking beerChanging empty beer kegs isn’t going to be a problem at an upcoming music festival in Germany this year.

The popular metal music festival Wacken Open Air (WOA) in northern Germany is installing a pipeline with a capacity of 400,000 liters of beer to replace the traditional barrels.

In previous years, large trucks were needed to carrying dozens of barrels across fields – both before and during the show – which caused a lot of traffic and issues.

But this August, the festival will have 35 centimeters diameter pipes delivering beer. With the 400,000 litres enough to serve the average of 5.1 liters (9 pints) for each attendee.

Providing six pints of beer per second, the syste, has sufficient capacity to keep lines moving smoothly – preventing the bottlenecks that often occurred when barrels needed to be changed.

In addition to the beer, there will also be a supply of fresh water and another pipe to eliminate waste, as well as fiber optic and electric power cables in the same pipe trenches

The WOA is one of the largest heavy metal events in the world and this year will include about 150 bands, including Megadeth, Alice Cooper and Trivium.

Once the festival is over and the equipment is removed, the same fields can be changed back for farming.

Although not the first time such pipes have been installed, this is much larger at 7 kilometres compared to the 3 kilometer pipes installed in the center of the city of Bruges, Belgium.

Photo: Eric R Ward Photography (cc)