Google to Purchase Twitch Video Service for $1 Billion

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TwitchGoogle planning to rule streaming video with purchase of Twitch.

According to Variety magazine, insiders are reporting that YouTube – which was purchased by Google for $1.65 Billion in stock in October 2006, – is negotiating to acquire streaming video platform Twitch for $1 Billion.

While Variety is considering the deal to be imminent, the Wall Street Journal’s report is somewhat more tentative, stating that the two companies are still involved in talks.

Twitch, one of the most popular services in terms of traffic, behind or in the running with Netflix, Google and Apple, and is especially popular with gamers.

Since launching in 2011, gamers wanting to live broadcast their games and also archive them for future viewing, have flocked to the service. Along with computer gamers, Twitch is also popular with console gamers – having been integrated into both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Twitch is among the most used services online  with over a million users streaming their games each month.

If the deal does indeed formalize, Google will take the lead in online video, adding Twitch’s streaming video to that existing format on YouTube, which itself is synonymous with online video.



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