Heinz Ketchup Ad Inspired by TV’s “Mad Men”

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Heinz has launched an advertising campaign for its ketchup that is straight out of the television series “Mad Men”.

The campaign, which shows close-up photos of foods like fries and burgers without condiments, is meant to emphasize how much these dishes need ketchup to be complete. These photos are simply accompanied by the phrase “Pass the Heinz”.

Kraft Heinz noted their campaign was inspired by the “Mad Men” ad created by the show’s main character, Don Draper.

The company posted a tongue-in-cheek press release announcing the campaign was created in partnership with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and DAVID Miami.

In the AMC series set in the advertising world of the 1960s, Don Draper was a partner in the NYC ad company Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

The Mad Men episode this campaign is based on featured Heinz executives presented with this same ad, but it was rejected by the clients out of concern their product was not actually visible on the posters.

The Heinz press release describes Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as a “full service advertising agency located in New York, NY working with clients in a variety of industries including automotive, health care, consumer products, food and other packaged goods. The firm does not accept any tobacco related work.

DAVID Miami, the actual ad company involved in this new campaign, is the U.S. Headquarters for DAVID the Agency: “a global creative agency with additional offices in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo“.

Kraft Heinz said their campaign will appear in traditional print media, such as the New York Post and Variety, as well as on outdoor billboards in NYC.

Mad Men aired on AMC for seven seasons, broadcasting its finale in 2015.

Photos source: Kraft Heinz