Jim Carrey Dines with ‘Cable Guy’ Cohorts Stiller and Apatow

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Canadian-born Jim Carrey’s 1996 comedic romp, ‘The Cable Guy’, is on track for a new Blu-Ray re-release with Carrey, Ben Stiller and producer Judd Apatow posting online that they’ve just completed audio commentary for the project.

Apatow tweeted that it was exciting and “a great time”, while Stiller posted on his Twitter account that the same things made him laugh 15 years later.  Jim Carrey not only commented about providing the commentary, but also tweeted a photo of the three having dinner afterwards (pictured).

The movie did not fare as well as Carrey’s earlier hits at the box office, primarily because audiences were expecting a light hearted comedy – along the lines of “Dumb & Dumber, “The Mask”, and “Ace Ventura”- instead of this film’s dark tone.

Although considered a disaster by some, due to its relatively low earnings, Apatow says the movie actually made a lot of money.

“It cost 42 (million dollars) and it made 60 here (in North America) and 40 (million dollars) overseas,” he said. “But the expectation was that it was gonna make a bazillion dollars and so it was treated like this gigantic disaster.”

However since its initial release, Cable Guy has become a cult classic, and many consider it the begining of the Frat Pack clique in Hollywood, a nickname given to a group of Hollywood comedy actors who have appeared together in many of the highest grossing comedy movies since the late 1990s.

Apatow expressed another reason for having fond memories of his work on cable Guy – it is where he met and fell for his wife, actress Leslie Mann, while he was reading Carrey’s role during auditions.

Other actors who had their early movie roles in Cable Guy included Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Andy Dick, and Janeane Garofalo.

Photo courtesy Jim Carrey’s Yfrog photo stream

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