Mel Gibson Gets Restraining Order Against Ex

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Mel Gibson is once again in the news over his bitter break up with girlfriend Oskana Grigorivea. Gibson has filed for a restraining order against the woman who is also the mother of his seven month old daughter. The order also contains parental custody issues including a visitation schedule.

The Russian born actress was served with papers that were sealed by the court. Radar Online presumably got a glimpse of the papers and reported that the child custody issues were the center of the dispute but other details were not readily available. The breakup of the pair came as a surprise as Gibson left his long time wife for Grigorivea after several episodes of drinking and bad behavior.

Grigorivea was recently tapped in Moscow for her comment on the breakup but would not reveal any details. She has said that there was much more to the story that everyone would find out soon enough. However, her official statement to the press was that they split on mutual consent and would raise their daughter together.

The 54 year old Gibson seems to be facing a run of bad luck. The series of events seems to culminate with his rather public drinking and driving arrest where he spewed anti-semantic slurs and fought with police officers.

Gibson is best known for his work as an actor in several action films including the Lethal Weapon series, his historical films, The Patriot and Braveheart and for directing mega hits like The Passion of the Christ.

Most are not surprised by the breakup – insiders say that several separate events led to the split and that many things would be coming out in the media in the future. Whether Gibson can weather the storm remains to be seen.

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