Star Wars 3D to be Released in 2012

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LOS ANGELES – The latest reports from Hollywood have confirmed that the public will get to see the Star Wars movies in 3D as soon as 2012.

George Lucas has plans to release all six of his Star Wars films in 3D, starting with The Phantom Menace in 2012. Following its debut, a new 3D version will be released every year until all six episodes have been shown.

There have long been rumors floating around that the Star Wars movies will be released in 3D, but there was no concrete confirmation of it happening before now. Sources believe that Lucas was apparently waiting for enough 3D screens to be available worldwide before planning a sizeable re-release of this type.

The performance of The Phantom Menace in 3D at the box office will apparently pave the way for how the subsequent films are handled. This also means that the original trilogy won’t be screened until at least 2015.

The process to convert the original movies to 3D takes a year to complete and Lucas is currently overseeing all operations. He is reported to have been convinced of its viability due to the success of the hit movie Avatar.

The release of the 3D versions has also been helped by Samsung’s market penetration with more than 50,000 3D equipped televisions and Sony also sending its product using that technology to market in recent months.

Home-viewing experience is expected to be primed for 3D DVD versions of the classic movies by the time the re-release Star Wars films run its course.

The me company which released all sixs Star Wars movies will also be in charge of the 3D re-releases.

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