Twitter Mistakenly Suspends Account of its CEO, Jack Dorsey

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Twitter had an embarrassing moment on Tuesday, after it briefly suspend the account of his own CEO, Jack Dorsey.

For a moment on Tuesday, attempts to view Dorsey’s profile revealed an error message saying the account had been suspended.

That sparked speculation about whether the account may have been hacked or automatically closed due to a large number of complaints from other users.

jack dorsey twitter profile
Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey

After regaining his account, Dorsey tweeted that the suspension was the result of an “internal error”.

When the account came back online, it only had 145 followers – quite the difference from the 3.9 million followers before the error – however that number rose again to about 3.8 million.

The issue of which users are suspended or not has become a sensitive issue. The social network has struggled to find a healthy balance between allowing free speech while also protecting users from harassment.

Jack Dorsey is a co-founder and CEO at Twitter, and the founder and CEO of Square, a mobile payments company.

In 2008, Dorsey was named to the MIT Technology Review TR35 as one of the world’s top 35 innovators under the age of 35. Four years later, The Wall Street Journal gave him the “Innovator of the Year Award” for technology.

Photo: Jack Dorsey on Twitter