Police Find “Unusual” Creatures on their Night Cameras

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The Police Department in Gardner, Kansas investigating reports of a possible mountain lion threat at a nearby park were a little surprised at what they found.

To determine whether there was in fact a threat from a wild animal, the authorities installed a few motion-activated wildlife camera traps to monitor activity in the area.

Although there was no sightings of any mountain lions, which police were pleased to report, the web cameras set up by the agency captured a series of interesting images that were posted on the Gardner Police Department Facebook page.

While photos of common animals – including coyotes, foxes and raccoons – were seen, they also picked up some humans disguised as wild animals posing with masks and costumes in the middle of a dark landscape.

Images captured on camera included not only some strange gorillas but also one that appeared to be Santa Claus.


The police wrote on their Facebook page to thank the people responsible for the prank, saying it cheered them up after expecting to simply pour through hundreds of photos of coyotes, foxes and raccoons.

“They did a pretty good job of centering themselves and putting themselves in the camera’s view, because you can’t—it’s like a box and I wouldn’t have known where to stand,” Police Chief James Pruetting told VICE. “We still don’t know who it is. The attention has been 100 percent positive but no one has come forward. I mean, how many people have two gorilla costumes?”

You can view all the photos on the Gardner Police Department Facebook page or embedded below.