360 Surround In-Ear Headphones Surpasses Crowdfunding Goal

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360 earbud headphones

A Kickstarter campaign for 360 surround sound in-ear headphones has surpassed its goal on a crowdfunding site six-times over.

Described as the world’s first 3D 5.1 virtual surround sound earbuds that provide “the truest sound for movies, sports, music and gaming” has received over $150,00 in pledges as the campaign enters its final month.

“To reach this point in our campaign with a month left is a fantastic milestone. Our backers on Kickstarter will be the first to hear every sound replicated the way it was recorded, in the directional way it was intended, with our 360 in-ear headphones. We used some of the same concepts as binaural recording, which mean these earbuds will immerse you in true, replicated audio and the best sound available now on an earbud platform,” said 360 founder Calvin Wang in a release.

Wang and his 360 team, who reportedly have over 40 years of combined experience in the audio industry, engineered a patented technology that creates an acoustic chamber which simulates  physical room.

The team used its own ‘electro-acoustic theory and electro-acoustic materials’ to introduce earphones that produce sound the way it was created, according to Wang.

The earbuds technology uses a 5-frequency divider, concisely separating the frequencies to provide clarity and a 3D Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound – enabling users to hear all the sounds distributed in distinct channels, whether in a movie, sports, video game, or music.

Although 20Hz is the typical limit of human hearing, 360 earbuds also offer sound ranging from 8Hz-20 KHz, which can be felt as a deep rumble or vibration typically experienced with subwoofers in a normal speaker system.

“These Infrasonic frequencies develop in the back cavity, allowing you to hear the clearest bass you will ever hear in an earbud,” said Wang. “By using a viscoelastic material and mechanical structure, frequencies are refined to produce clear output. This material is unique to 360 earbuds and represents part of our redesign and thinking outside the box while re-engineering the traditional earbud.”

The 360 earbuds also include a built-in microphone & button and audio level control.

For more information about 360 earbuds, including the ability to purchase a pair at an early-bird discount price during crowdfunding, visit the 360 Earbud Kickstarter Campaign page.