3D Laptop Display Panels to be Available in 2011

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Stereoscopic 3D has recently been making inroads in gaming and television as well as experiencing a resurgence in feature films. 3D projectors and 3D HDTVs were shown at the CES Las Vegas show this year along with Sharp’s glassless 3D display for the Nintendo 3DS. Many Japanese cellphone displays have also become 3D-enabled and feature built in 3D cameras as well.

The next logical step for the technology is to enter the personal computer arena, and now AUO has announced the world’s first deadzone-free naked eye 3D notebook panel at FPD International 2010.

AUO makes this technology possible by combining lenticular lens 3D technology with SuperD’s naked eye 3D solution, and incorporating it into a 15.6″ Full HD notebook and a 10.1″ WXGA panel PC tablet that will not require users to wear special glasses – particularly attractive to owners who wear prescription eyewear already.

Utilizing an eye-tracking system, which captures viewers’ eyeball movements, AUO’s deadzone-free 3D technology overcomes the narrow field of view that limits current 3D displays, even those requiring special glasses to view. With this new technology, the user will be able to see the display in high quality 3D regardless of where they are located relative to the screen.

These new 3D screens will feature high brightness and Moire-free video and image quality, and allow both 2D and 3D modes to operate simultaneously on the same display and be switched between without a delay.

AUO has acquired lenticular lens 3D display technology from Ocuity and collaborated with SuperD, the leading naked eye 3D solution provider, to introduce SuperD naked eye 3D solution in 3D panels.  AUO will further invest $60 million (HK) in SuperD and acquire 10% of its shareholding.

These new 3D panels are expected to be mass produced beginning in the third quarter of 2011.


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