Need 911 After a Car Crash? There’s an App for That

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A recent smart phone innovation called My911 services may have On-Star looking over its shoulder.

When installed on a smartphone, this new mobile app has the ability to recognize dangerously high G-forces in the case of a car crash and automatically calls a My911 operator, unless manually cancelled. In addition, up to 5 other numbers can also be alerted of the incident.

Larry Hurwitz, CEO of My911 commented “We are certain that the My911 services and product line will be the de-facto standard for all communications both emergency and non-emergency related, since although we have our own products, our online solution and services will work with virtually any smart phone anywhere in the world, and we are able to interface with most communication hardware units.”

The My911 app is also capable of keeping the user aware of potential dangers in his vicinity.

Alerts can be sent to you or a trusted friend whenever you enter a zone with high crime rates, weather alerts or even within close proximity of a registered sex offender. The app achieves all these by implementing the latest GPS technologies into the program.

Other features of this app include a 24 hour nurse hotline, roadside assistance, search and rescue coverage, as well as medical transportation coverage. According to its designers, the My911 app was designed with the sole purpose of minimizing risk as well as ensuring fast response by emergency services.

In a recent partnership with international response company, GEOS, My911 is now able to offer services anywhere in the world.

CEO of GEOS, Bob Davies, summed up the issue by saying “We are extremely excited to work with My911. They are a top-notch company who is poised to be an industry leader. GEOS plans to utilize its own distribution network to sell the My911 solutions in Europe, Asia, UK, Australia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East”.

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