Avoid a Dead Phone in Emergency Situations and Extreme Weather

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Powercore Charge tabs

One of the worst situations to be in is having a dead phone when you need to make an important call. But now you can always be prepared with the pre-charged, disposable PowerCore Charge Tabs.

Compatible with iPhones, iPads and Androids (any Micro-USB), PowerCore Charge Tabs provide up to 4 hours of instant power, on the go. Perfect for long road trips, flights and commutes, these 1200 mah chargers can be conveniently kept in purses, pockets and bags for instant power needs.

These chargers come equipped with a power switch to increase shelf life and have a biodegradable shell to make recycling and disposal easy.

Endless shopping during the upcoming holiday season makes for the perfect opportunity to ensure your phone never goes dead, and Plus PowerCore Charge Tabs are perfect for affordable stocking stuffers for family, friends and coworkers.

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