Samsung Takes On iPads with AMOLED Galaxy Tab S

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Galaxy Tab SOn Thursday, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung electronics has started taking U.S. preorders for a new line of high-end tablets with a digital fingerprint reader – a direct attack against its U.S. rival’s iPad tablet.

Galaxy Tab S, which was announced on Thursday night in New York, will arrive in stores in July.

It shares similar stats as the iPad Air and iPad mini features, and will begin at the same price range, 499 dollars for the large version (10.5 inches or 26.7 inches diagonal) and U.S. $ 399 for the most small (8.4 inches, or 21.3 centimeters).

Samsung has equipped its new tablets a high definition screen and a fingerprint reader, a technology Apple has built into its smartphone iPhone 5S last year, but not to its iPad.

Samsung said in a statement that the reader can simplify and secure the use of the device by several people.

They will feature screens, known as AMOLED for active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes, that are richer in colour than standard LCDs. AMOLED are already found in Samsung smartphones, as well those sold by some other companies, but until now tablet have not featured the displays because the larger sizes made them more difficult to manufacture.

Samsung is the second largest manufacturer of tablets, with 22% market share in the first quarter compared to 32.5% for the Apple iPad.


Image source: Samsung