iPhone Glass Backs Increasing Incidents of Cracking

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Apple’s love for using glass settings for nearly all of its stylish and innovative new products is starting to come back to haunt it.

The  smart phone developer is experiencing many cases of cracked glass in its new iPhone4 series of mobile cell phones. Apparently third party slip-on cases, which are extremely popular among iPhone users, have a possibility of causing the glass back of the iPhone4 to crack. In addition, dirt and other loose bits of debris – typically the cause of these cracks – can build up in that little space between the case and back of the phone.

According to many iPhone4 users, these fragments can cause small hairline scratches to appear on the glass back as normal movement rubs these particles across the glass. Furthermore, as time goes by these hairline scratches can turn into small cracks that spread across the entire glass area of the iPhone.

Reports confirm that the company has now recognized this as a major problem, and Apple engineers are conducting various tests to see how rampant the problem is. Engineers will attempt to find a solution to the problem in phones already sold, and ensure that future iterations of the device will not suffer from the same issue.

These developments come at a time when there have been reports of Apple planning to mass launch a CDMA version of the iPhone in 2011. However, it is possible that the cracked glass issue is holding up the process.

The iPhone4 is not the first Apple product to experience cracked glass. The Mac G4 Cube, iPhone 3G and white versions of the Macbook have all experienced similar problems in the past.


Photo by Pantonality