New Tool for Celebrity Stalkers Announced

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Finding out exactly what your favorite celebrities are up to in this modern age of Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets has just gotten easier with JustSpotted, a tool with the ability to track celebrities in real time.

The app aims to give hardcore fans a look into their favourite celebrities’ personal lives and has been touted as a way for celebrities to connect more realistically with their fans. Potential for abuse, though, is evident and generating most of its press.

JustSpotted obtains location information from designated celebrities through a combination of data from Twitter (which withdrew its official support soon after it was announced), Facebook, Foursquare, and other user-collected data of celebrities spotted in public.

The service to be launched next week was created by AJ Asver, Dilan Jarawardane, and Benjamin Tauber, who were also the designers of the now defunct search engine “Scoopler” which was launched to some acclaim in 2009 and financially back by Y Combinator, Ron Conway, Michael Birch, Avalon Ventures among others.

Suffering the same fate as former real-time search rival OneRiot, Scoopler was scraped in favour of JustSpotted, which uses proprietary technology to collate all online data and post from the news, blogs, Twitter into a single medium.  While this idea is far from new, JustSpotted aims to refresh a segment already made popular by the likes of Perez Hilton and TMZ by producing a lot more content than predecessors without a large investment in manpower.

Celebrity news has been big business for many years, far predating the internet, and JustSpotted offers a new venue with a fluid interface resembling Google Maps, 700 celebrity sightings daily (more than a hundred times more than other celebrity news sites), and an editorial team committed to producing engaging breaking news reports based on updates and sightings.


Photo source: Wikipedia