Popular Paid Medical App Now Available for Android

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Google Android smart phone users can now avail themselves of SigmaPhone’s popular iPharmacy app in the Apple Store online .

The FDA-approved drug guide application has garnered widespread recommendations online and recently awarded at the 2010 SVCW Conference at Mountain View, CA. The app won the Best Mobile App Contest bronze award for its advanced interface and user-experience quality. The drug-guide app is considered a must-have resource for doctors, nurses and students of the medical profession for quick and easy reference for information on prescription drugs. The app is now free for all Android users who will also receive frequent drug database and software updates.

The iPharmacy app drug database contains extensive, in-depth information on as many as 7,000 different types of drugs and medications that are frequently prescribed by physicians across the health industry. As a guide, it is extremely mobile and serves both as a reference for prescription drugs as well as a guide for patient medication and drug interactions.

The app presents drug information in an organized system that arranges data inseveral categories including: usage, indications & counter-indications, administration & dosage, precautions & warnings, negative side effects, drug combinations & results, excessive dosage, and others.

The iPharmacy even allows the end user to create, save and load lists of their frequently referenced drugs or medication, and incorporates e-mail functionality to facilitate communication between fellow physicians or nurses, patients, or other concerned networks. Key features of the application now include a medical scanner, FDA drug data spread over 21 categories, access to trade names and ingredients.


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