Texting While Driving Now Top Canadian Driver Safety Concern

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A Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) survey in Canada found that texting while driving is now the top traffic safety concern of Canadians, surpassing even impaired driving.

For more than ten years, Canadians considered impaired driving as the number problem, but now it seems they found something worse to worry about – people who text on cell phones while they drive.

CAA Vice President of Public Affairs surprised at the sudden change in mood, considering how prevelant cell phones are now in society. They also found that Canadians under 30 are the most frequent perpetrators of texting while driving, making them the top violators in almost seven Canadian provinces where new laws ban the practice.

Walker states, however, that laws alone will not help solve the problem. There has to be proper implementation and enforcement, with the public doing its part in spreading awareness and education.

“Society has to disapprove of it for things to change,” says Walker.

The CAA survey encompassed more than 6,000 Candians. 85 percent of participants felt that texting while driving is indeed very dangerous, with 88 percent of the sample indicating that texting while driving is their main concern, and 83 percent ranking impaired driving as their second choice.

The survey additionally confirmed that Canadians are aware of legislation against texting while driving.

Walker warns that it only takes a mere second of distraction for things to go wrong, even at speeds of only 50 kilometers per hour, half that of highway speed.

The CAA will be supporting the National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims to be held on November 17 as part of their effort to make the public aware of the dangers of all forms of distracted driving.


Photo source: Wikipedia