Canada Invests $2.3B to Advance Conservation & Support Environmental Laws

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Center Block, Parliament Hill

The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) is among those applauding the federal government’s historic new investment of $1.3 billion to advance conservation in Canada and an additional $1 billion to support our environmental laws.

“The government’s commitment to work in partnership with all sectors through the new Nature Fund and other initiatives in this budget is a great step forward,” said Rick Bates, CWF’s Executive Vice-President and CEO. “This collaborative approach will ensure optimal results for conservation.”

This agency says this important investment should be complimented by long-term strategies for sustainable fisheries and habitat stewardship outside of protected areas including environmentally sustainable agriculture.

CWF, as a leader on improving protections for Canada’s whales, also expressed pleasure at seeing $167.4M in federal support to better protect and
recover endangered whales.

“With substantial contributions to protecting land, inland waters, oceans and endangered whales now secured in the new federal budget, CWF is looking forward to working with the federal government to target this funding to achieve effective conservation for species at risk, fish habitat, and marine mammals,” added Bates.

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