Al Gore Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

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Al Gore is once again in the news but not for his noteworthy environmental causes or political ambitions.  This time he is being openly accused of sexual assault.

According to a Portland Oregon newspaper the former vice president is the center of an investigation about a massage he received while staying in a Portland area hotel.

According to the complaint Gore was staying in the hotel and asked the manager for an after-hours VIP massage. This prompted the manager to call an as yet unidentified masseuse, a 54-year old woman who provided the massage. During the nearly three hour massage the woman claims that Gore started groping and fondling her.

The woman first refused to file a complaint and attempted to sell her story to the National Enquirer for $1 million dollars. The tabloid denied the request and the woman says she considered suing Gore before deciding to go to the police.   She claims her decision to file a complaint was in order to protect other women who might come in contact with Gore.

The police are investigating the incident and will not comment on the proceedings at this time. However, the woman has said that she has possession of her black pants worn during the attack and said that there are suspicious stains on them. She was told by friends to hold on to the pants for possible evidence.

The prosecuting attorney for the case has been briefed by police. No decision has been made as to whether or not formal charges will be filed in conjunction with the incident.

While the authorities must investigate every complaint given to them, there are many people who have expressed doubts over the validity of the woman’s claim.  One thing that keeps coming up is the fact that she went to the tabloid first in an attempt to profit with the story.

This event comes on the heels of the announcement by Gore that he and his wife Tipper will divorce after many years of marriage.