Archaeological Finds Provide Clues to Life in the Days of Jesus

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Dozens of objects dating from the 1st century were by the Israeli Antiquities Authority this weekend. These recent archaeological discoveries will bring more understanding to the days of Jesus Christ.

Among the dozens of objects discovered in the region of Jerusalem and in Galilee, where, according to tradition, Jesus lived, include vases, kitchen utensils, jewelry, wine press, ossuaries With Hebrew inscriptions and nails used for crucifixions.

Gideon Avni, Director of the Archaeological Division of Israel Antiquities, said these finds now allow them to describe in detail everyday life during that time – from birth, through eating habits, journeys made, and funeral rites after death.

A quantum leap in knowledge has been achieved over the past 20 years in understanding the way of life of Jesus and his contemporaries, according to Avni. He said they have found ossuaries (a container or room into which the bones of dead people are placed) that feature the names of people known to archaeologists from texts of that time.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority maintains more than one million objects discovered in excavations and receives more than 40,000 new items each year from about 300 sites.

The agency also presented some coins of the Byzantine era discovered recently during excavations in the remains of a building that served Christian pilgrims near Jerusalem.

These nine pieces dating from the 4th to the 7th century were found in a wall as if their owner had tried to hide them, according to archaeologist Annette Landes-Nagar.

Photo – The Baptism Site of Jesus Christ: Wikimedia Commons