Study Shows Camping is Healthy

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A new study may make outdoors lovers and tent makers very happy: Camping is healthy. The study shows that children and adults that are active in camping and other outdoor activities are much healthier.

This is a shot in the arm for the industry that has been suffering in the past few years because of the poor economy.

Experts say that camping is healthy because it promotes physical activity. The extra exercise that people get when they go camping helps to burn the calories and fats that are ingested. This is even true when the foods that are eaten during the camping trips may not be the healthiest.

According to experts the physical activities that are required while enjoying outdoor events trump the poor food quality. As such you are able to enjoy a more traditional camping fare, such as roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, while still increasing your overall health.

This study moves on to say that children that have been raised with the outdoor activities will do better in school. Why? Because they are being taken away from the televisions and video games and made to move around out in the fresh air. This helps to promote greater brain function and also helps the muscle systems as they need exercise to maintain strength.

One of the best things, according to experts, is the fact that camping brings the family together. Since we have entered the digital age the family dinner is all but extinct. Taking part in camping and other outdoor activities you are once again bringing the family together. This will help improve health and happiness for the entire family.

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