Canadian Woman Transporting Cocaine on Cruise Ship Sentenced to Prison

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Isabelle Lagacé

Isabelle Lagacé, a 29 year old Quebec woman arrested for trying to import a large quantity of cocaine into Australia, has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

The 14 months served in while awaiting trial will be deducted from the time sentenced, and Lagacé will be eligible for parole in February 2021.

She was arrested in August 2016 with two other Quebecers, Mélina Roberge, 23, and André Tamine, 64, aboard a cruise ship where authorities discovered 95 kg of cocaine in the trio’s suitcases.

According to the Australian police, Isabelle Lagacé herself was transporting 30 kg of drugs with an estimated value of $ 21.5 million.

The woman admitted her guilt in December 2016, claiming to have agreed to transport the drugs to Australia to clear a debt of $ 20,000. The trials for her co-accused, Mélina Roberge and André Tamine, have been postponed until February 2018.

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