Wives Hiring “Love Hospitals” to Chase Away Husbands’ Mistresses

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Chinese woman

A series of companies have sprouted up in China over the past two decades that specialize in getting rid of mistresses.

Wives who suspect their husband’s infidelity can hire the businesses to not only confirm their suspicions but also employ a variety of techniques to end the illicit affairs.

Although the service costs thousands of dollars, the state of women’s rights in China make staying in a broken – although hopefully repairable – marriage preferable to turning to divorce.

Since 2011, divorce laws in China have allowed men to keep any wealth he can prove was attained before marriage and courts often give sole custody of children to the man’s family, particularly in rural areas where the divorce is also considered shameful for the woman.

Instead, wives are choosing these “Love Hospitals” that employ a wide variety of methods to separate husbands from their concubines.

Two co-founders of one such company told the BBC they have had more than a million clients since their start 17 years ago and utilize a repertoire of 33 (legal) ways to get rid of mistresses.

Four of the methods they described include persuading the lover to fall in love with another person – thus leaving their client’s husband, manipulating the husband’s employment in a way that gets the him transferred to a different city, getting mistress’ parents or friends involved, and to disgust the women with some detail about the man’s character or even claiming he has a horrible hereditary disease.

The technique that reportedly works 90% of the time is to have one of the company’s agents seduce the mistress with the promise of a lavish lifestyle, then provide the secretly recorded photos or video of their encounters to the cheating husband.

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