U.S. Moving Armed Drones to South Korea

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The US military will deploy General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones in South Korea, the Pentagon said on Monday, as concerns grow over North Korea’s nuclear missile program.

The Pentagon said the deployment of a Gray Eagle drones company was part of a general plan to reinforce the US Army’s drones capabilities around the world.

This is not unique to Korea, according to Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis. All infantry divisions will eventually be equipped with at least one Gray Eagle drones company, according to the Pentagon, who added that U.S. forces in South Korea will only have 2 or 3 of the aircraft.

The Gray Eagle MQ-1C drones – a variant of the famous American drone Predator – are scheduled to be moved to South Korea early next year.

These drones are equipped with a variety of sensors and can carry up to 4 Hellfire missiles to strike at ground targets. A Gray Eagle company requires about 128 individuals to operate it.

Currently, there are 28,000 US soldiers stationed in South Korea.

The Pyongyang regime of North Korea is increasingly worrying to American strategists. In 2016, that country Korea conducted two nuclear tests and a series of missile launches, demonstrating that it was making progress in its goal of acquiring nuclear missiles.

The UN Security Council last week unanimously condemned the latest missile launches including China, North Korea’s closest ally.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons via US Army (pd)