Eiffel Tower Gets a “Glass Wall” to Counter Terrorists

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The Eiffel tower will be equipped with protective additions including a “bulletproof glass wall” on two sides to counter potential terrorist threats.

The Paris Council unanimously voted in the 20 million euro security project, made necessary by what the motion describes as a high level of terrorist threat.

With an expected completion date in the second quarter of 2018, the project will secure the monument with a glass wall on the side facing the Seine and on the opposite side that facess the esplanade of Champ-de-Mars.

The remaining two sides, containing entrances and exits, will be upgraded with several control points and enclosed with a metal grid.

A wide barrier to protect against an attack involving a vehicle will be added on the two roads that border the tower, along with other anti-vehicle protection devices.

A member of the mayor’s tourism cabinet described the changes as being a more effective and aesthetic alternative to the current barriers and confirmed access to the tower’s forecourt will remain free and accessible.

The project “meets all the prescriptions of the prefecture of police” in terms of security, according to the representative of the prefect of police sitting on the council of Paris.

The Eiffel Tower received nearly 7 million visitors a year in 2015 and just under six million in 2016, in part due to terrorist activity in Europe.

Photo: pixabay.com