Netflix Grows More than Expected, Reaches 104 Million Subscribers

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Netflix has now passed the 100 million subscriber barrier, in large part due to its growing popularity outside the United States.

According to the company, Netflix managed to reach 104 million subscribers worldwide in the last quarter, almost five million more than the 99 million who were members in the previous quarter.

Founded 20 years ago, the company has dedicated the last two years to an international expansion concentrated in Europe, where it has reached more than 10 countries and has started producing original series as an incentive to attract more subscribers.

The streaming service is already present in more than 130 countries. According to company data more than 52 million subscribers are outside the United States. Currently Netflix is only unavailable in countries like North Korea, China and Syria.

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, told investors that instead of worrying more about rivals like Amazon or Hulu, the company is basing its strategy on generating more and more original content to prove it is a commercial and creative success.

With its content strategy paying off with strong membership growth, revenue and profit growth, Netflix believes it is prudent to continue investing in content – particularly in original Netflix productions.

This year Netflix doubled its Emmy Award nominations, with 27 shows earning 91 nominations compared to 54 last year. Only HBO surpasses it, with 111 nominations.

Photo: Bryan Gosline (cc)