Chinese Company to Make Toilet Paper Out of Panda Feces

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Panda eating bamboo

If A. A. Milne’s “Winnie the Pooh” had been a panda, he would have been the perfect mascot for a new toilet paper being made from panda poop in China.

Paper company Qianwei Fengsheng, based in southwest the country’s Sichuan Province, is collaborating with a Giant Panda Protection and Research Center to convert its panda’s droppings and food waste into toilet paper and tissues.

The products will soon be marketed in China under the label “Panda Poo“, decorated with an image of the black and white bear.

Having the paper company take care of removing the waste will benefits the Panda Centers as well, since an adult panda produces about 22 lbs (10kg) of excrement daily. It also creates over 100 lbs (50 kg) of food waste from the bamboo it spits out after chewing. Both the high-fiber excrement and food waste will be used to make the new tissues.

Paper created normally from bamboo requires removing its fructose to extract the pulp, which is a natural process the panda’s digestive tract.

Qianwei Fengsheng will collect the raw material several times a week from three panda reserves. Once boiled, pasteurized and made into paper, the resulting product will be analyzed to ensure the absence of bacteria.

A box of “panda poo” tissues will reportedly be sold for 43 yuan ($6.50 USD), which is significantly more expensive than a conventional counterpart.

Photo: Chen Wu (cc)