Pitbull Sends Private Plane to Fly Cancer Patients Out of Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rican singer Pitbull has sent his private plane to transport cancer patients from the devastated island of Puerto Rico to the United States for chemo treatments.

Puerto Rican Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzalez thanked the singer – who had not made his plans public – through her Twitter account.

[Loosely translated: Thanks to singer @pitbull for providing private aircraft to transport cancer patients from PR to USA for chemo]

Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in ruins, with massive power outages and nearly half of residents without drinking water. Of the island’s 69 hospitals, only 11 had fuel and electric power on Tuesday.

After the passage of Hurricane Maria on the Caribbean island, many of the island’s inhabitants have not been able to communicate with their families.

At least 10 people were killed by the hurricane and nearly 1.6 million were left without power, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

In San Juan hospital, two people died in the intensive care unit after it ran out of diesel, according to San Juan Mayor Yulin Cruz. And another 12 children continue to rely on generators and batteries to keep fans running at San Jorge Children’s Hospital.

This Monday the largest airport in Puerto Rico remained deeply affected by the devastating cyclone. Passengers hoping to escape the damage and destruction have filled the air terminal, which is not air conditioned as a power savings measure for its emergency generators.

Due to damage to radar and other equipment at the airport, only 10 commercial flights between San Juan and the continental United States have managed to take off and land on Monday.

Airlines began to send larger airplanes to be able to transport as many passengers as possible on fewer flights with some carrying in humanitarian aid and personnel to aid in emergency services.

Photo: Eva Rinaldi (cc)