Pope Pays Rent at Private Beach for People with Disabilities

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis paid a year’s rent at a private beach near Rome for a charity that helps people with disabilities enjoy the sea, according to the group managing the program.

The organization Opera D’Amore has rented a part of the beach La Madonnina since 2012 and equipped with walkways, ramps and watercraft to provide access to people in wheelchairs and those with other mobility problems.

Monsignor Konrad Krajewski, a papal chaplain, told media that the pope gave an undisclosed sum to the organization to support the project that helps young people with disabilities and, in particular, to cover the cost of the annual rent of the beach known as The Madonnina.

Opera D’Amore said in a statement on its website that it received the news with enthusiasm and amazement.

The priest of the organization, Massimo Consolaro, said hundreds of people with disabilities use the beach every year with numbers increasing.

The program is led by volunteers, including medical personnel and assistants from the Italian Paralympic Swimming Federation.

The organization has created the space as a beach without architectural or mental barriers, where everyone can enjoy the sea.

Consolaro said it is the only beach in the region that provides staff and facilities to support people with disabilities.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons