10 Covert Russian Spies Arrested in U.S.

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While most believed that the Cold War had ended there is still a disturbing fact: Russia continues to send spies to the US.

This is brought home by the recent arrest of 10 Russian operatives that had been operating in the US for years according to the formal statement. These arrests come after a multi-year investigation that combined the FBI and CIA.

The spies were found to be members of the SVR, the Russian intelligence arm that is similar to the US based CIA. Each of the operatives was serving in deep cover, which means that they would not stand out. They had civilian based jobs that would not draw attention to them as would a government or diplomatic based position.

Insiders in the FBI say it is disturbing that this many spies could be operating in the US from a country that is supposed to be partnered with the US for peace. However, most of the reports coming in from the FBI point to non-threatening work being done by the operatives.

The reports state that most of the communication between Moscow and the agents points to matters of diplomacy and foreign policy. As such it was not believed that they were any kind of terrorist threat to the country at this time. However, there have been some key communications intercepted that pertain to the visit of President Obama to Moscow later this year.

According to a transmission that was received from Moscow the agents were to make contact and develop ties with “policy making circles” in the US. This has spawned a theory that they were hoping to know and influence several key points in Russian and American foreign matters.

Moscow has denied the use of spies and refuses to comment on the arrests that were made.

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