San Francisco Riots After Giants Win

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The west-coast city of San Francisco was spotted with fires Tuesday evening following the city’s baseball team’s win. Incidents of violence and vandalism was scattered over a number of areas, and details spread around the world in near real-time as witnesses streamed and posted videos and photos.

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series earlier in the evening and people almost immediately headed to the streets for a celebration that quickly turned to rioting and property damage.

Internet denizens were able to keep track of the rioting by using social network tools like Twitter and Foursquare to locate hot spots and view pictures uploaded on the site by both participants and by-standers.  Initial reports claimed there were insufficient numbers of police for crowd control, with initial responding officers providing limited detraction for the crowds while waiting for backup from other police agencies.

There were also internet posts – backed up by police scanner transmissions – that indicated some police were assaulted by the crowds, business store windows broken with looting, unconscious people requiring medical attention, and one bus reported to have been set on fire.

Updates from police scanners throughout the night also mentioned shots fired by officers, although no subsequent reports of injury or death were reported as a result of those incidents.

UPDATE: In one video posted to Youtube, crowds can be seen celebrating around a bonfire set in the street where a car soon plows into the crowd and fire [2:05 mark] and then pounced on by the crowd who beat on the vehicle and appear to try and get into the vehicle and at the driver. Riot police soon show up [4:10 mark] to disperse the rioters and isolate the damaged vehicle from the crowd.