Senator Robert Byrd Dead at 92

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The longest serving Senator in the history of Congress has died at the age of 92. Robert Byrd, a democrat from West Virginia served in Congress since taking office in 1959 and was a staunch defender of the constitution. He was a large part of the group that battled back against former President Bush in his attacks against the constitution.

Byrd was one of the most outspoken critics of Bush throughout his presidency and remained a firm believer in the way that things should be done in the Federal Government. His death has left the majority vote out of balance and many fear that the power will now swing in the direction of the republicans.

In Congress the desk that was occupied by Byrd is draped in black and remains a reminder of the man that served through some of the most trying times the country has ever seen. Most of the members of the governing body remember him for his charisma and undying faith in democracy as a whole.

Byrd made headlines when he received his undergraduate degree at age 77. This showed, according to his friends, his dedication to the office that he served. Jay Rockefeller said “He lived this institution…soared to the heights of power, yet never forgot where he came from. The Senator always kept the constitution in his pocket, close to his heart.”

Those that served with him say that Byrd was always on the right side of history. No matter what he could be counted on for his knowledge of right and wrong. There is no word on services for the Senator at the moment however a service befitting a man such as Senator Byrd is most likely in the works.


Photo source: wikipedia