Tesla Recalls 53,000 Cars for Brake Issues

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Tesla Model X

The American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla will have to recall about 53,000 vehicles for a manufacturing defect of the parking brake system.

This voluntary recall involves the Model S and Model X (pictured) electric vehicles produced between February and October 2016, according to an e-mail sent out to affected customers.

According to Tesla, it is possible that the parking brake works poorly and could lead to the vehicle moving on its own when parked.

A Tesla spokesperson said in a statement: “There have been no reports of the parking brake system failing to hold a parked vehicle or failing to stop a vehicle in an emergency as a result of this condition, and this part has no impact on the car’s regular braking systems.

“We do not believe this issue could ever lead to a safety concern for our customers, and we have not seen a single accident or injury relating to it.”

Pending receipt of the notice for the brake upgrade, Tesla assured owners of the affected cars that they can continue to drive them safely. All repairs are expected to be completed by October 2017.

The 53,000 cars involved accounted for just over 63 percent of the 84,000 vehicles produced in 2016 by Tesla.

Photo: Tesla