Secret Revealed about Sinking of the Titanic

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A revelation about the real reason behind Titanic’s sinking has been revealed by a new source –  none other than the granddaughter of the most senior surviving officer from the tragic incident of 1912.

Louise Patten, an author based in UK and grand-daughter of the Titanic’s Second Officer Charles Lightoller, has unearthed a century old secret guarded by her grandfather on the real reason why the Titanic sank.

The traditionally accepted reason for the disaster is that the ship crashed into into an iceberg due to an insufficient amount of room to maneuver. However, Patten has revealed in her new novel “Good As Gold” that the crew did have sufficient time to steer the ship out of course, but failed to accomplish the turn because of a steering error.

“The ship could have avoided collision. The blunder in steering was a painful mistake that resulted in a historical tragedy,” claims Patten.

Titanic’s Second Officer Charles Lightoller

According to her novel, the crew spotted the iceberg in time for changing the ship’s course by steering to the left. However, a crew member steered to the right instead which resulted in the collision that took almost 1500 lives.

Patten described the blunder as a panic mistake most likely caused by that era’s advancement from sail ships to steam ships. Titanic’s crew were likely used to only one type of steering – either the old tiller orders, where steering left and right results in the opposite movement, or the newer rudder orders, where steering left will shift the ship left.

When the crew saw the iceberg, they may have interpreted the turn order incorrectly or briefly were confused due to a state of panic, which resulted in the collision with the iceberg.

Patten admitted that she kept the secret to protect her grandfather’s good name, but now feels that she owes it to the world to reveal the truth.