Turtle Dies After Surgery to Remove 915 Coins from Stomach

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A green turtle nicknamed ‘Piggy Bank’ has died after veterinarians in Thailand removed 915 coins from its stomach earlier this month.

The coins were thrown into the pool, where the 25-year-old turtle lived, for good luck. However the weight of the consumed currency ended up cracking the turtle’s shell.

It was thought he would recover well after the seven-hour surgery in which the vets at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok took out 11 pounds (5 kg) of coins.

‘Piggy Bank’ was initially believed to have fully recovered from the March 6 surgery, according to the veterinary team who worked on the turtle. It was swimming and eating normally for a week and they planned to return it to a pond soon afterwards.

But Sunday night they realized it was breathing slowly and was taken to intensive care with a severe intestinal infection.

‘Piggy Bank’ underwent emergency surgery on Monday but went into a coma and died Tuesday morning. The cause is suspected to be related to blood poisoning from the loose change.

Photo: Facebook | Video source: Mail Online