Twitter Suspended 377,000 Accounts Promoting Terrorism

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Twitter announced Tuesday it had suspended 376,890 accounts over the past six months as part of its fight against the online promotion of terrorism – 60% more than in the previous six months.

All told, the social media network has removed 636,248 accounts with such content between August, 2015 to the end of December, 2016.

In the second half of 2016, French authorities sent 1334 requests to block accounts or tweets. That is three times more than in the first half, and almost ten times more than the previous year.

France ranked second among the countries that asked Twitter for the most blockages, after Turkey (2232 requests) and ahead of Russia (519) and Germany (236).

However, of the total French requests, Twitter acted on only 23% of the requests, blocking 312 accounts and 335 tweets – one of which contained a video of the July 14 attack in Nice.

Image: Matt Hamm (cc)